Products available for pre-ordering are made to order and are therefore not immediately available. The estimated delivery time of a pre-order item is written on the product page. Please create an account to be able to pre-order items.

When purchasing a pre-order item you can choose to pay the full amount or be charged an initial 50% of the amount at the time of placing the order, with the remaining 50% to be paid once the order is ready to be delivered. Once your order is ready you will receive an e-mail. If you have chosen split payment you will have to complete the remaining 50% of the payment from your account page. If you chose to pay in split payments you will be charged for the shipping costs in your final payment. Once your item is fully paid we will ship it, you will receive an e-mail with shipping and tracking information. 

If you have further questions in regards to our pre-order system please e-mail 


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